Thursday, March 4, 2010

Heise Hot Springs and New Locations

So I know some of the coolest people in the world!! Or at least it feels that way sometimes!! With Noah Poritz being the absolute man, always! He manages to find some of the best snowkite spots in the west!! Also finding the right land owners and asking them if we can fly kites on there land.

So that said! Noah found us a new spot right near Rerie, Idaho near town. I guess the spot has never been ridden and we were the first? It was a good feeling to have permission because it turned out to be a mini kite fest!

We had about 8 riders at the new spot. I think I am going to name it the Dragons Wave. With there being massive irrigation sprinklers for crops and a gigantic cornice to hit, Dragons wave sound suitable. With a little help naming the place from my new friend Francis. A young lady, 12 years old and ripping it up with a kite!

I was amazed to see such a young girl the size of a feather riping it up on a 7m Frenzy! The spot was perfect for her, Francises first time to get into terrain. Francis was tearing it up!! Going up and down the 15ft cornice and motoring on the flats. She was at times going faster than me!! With her mom Melissa also trying to set speed records she was hauling ass on the 10m Manta!! Melissa said, "They clocked me on a GPS at skyline going 40mph!" I love to see the lady's just tearing it up!! Excspeacialy Francis the young gun with no fear and ambition to try a new sport! She is a ripping skier and got a hold of a kite and within a few days she was ripping faster and harder than the boys! Good Job Francis and keep it up!!

With all the Mantas out for demo, I actually took the time with Amanda to pump up some C4's on the snow! WoW!! Rare for me to pump on the snow but still fun to fly a inflatable on the snow. We rode the 13m C4 and also the 9m C4. With Amanda being liter it all worked out on sizes. We still traded off only to see Amanda get super powered! She still had fun laying over the skis! I had a great time doing step ups and jump transitions in the quarter pipe section of the cornice. Also jumping straight off the cornice was a blast. We got a lot of lookers, while riding at the Dragons Wave. We even had the cops, Fedex guy, the owners of the land and also alot of local folk stopping and watching for a good period of time. It was great to have a little peanut gallery!

After about 4 hours of kiting we took lunch and decided with Amanda to go to the Heise Hot Springs. How fortunate that we kite a new spot and 2 minutes down the road there is a sweet little hot spot to soak our sore bones!

It was so cool at the hot springs. With about 15 locals coming in and asking us if we are the kiters in the crazy R.V. outside. Alot of them ended up actually watching us in the afternoon at the Dragons Wave and heard that we were at the hot springs so they came for a dip and to speak with us about snow kiting.

I love our sport! Quite, none polluting, and beautiful to watch!! It really attracts a different crowd! And we except them all with open arms.

Thank You Melissa for taking pictures!
well until next time!


Patrick Nedele

Wyoming and having it Dialed!!

So Wyoming!! Dude!! The Wyoming Boys got it figured out. These guys all go riding almost every single day!! Within about one hour of Jackson Hole, Wyoming we traveled North, South, East, West but always got it! I stayed in Jackson for 7 days and kited 6 days! I had to take a day off!! Sometimes you need break to do laundry and clean dishes also to revamp the Muscles!

I must say that Jackson has it all. With the snow being perfect. The terrain being even better! Also some of the smooothest winds you will ever get to snow kite with! Not only that you can look on the web and figure out where to go. And be there when it hits, in the morning or afternoon!!

I have to really hand it to the Jackson Boys for making our trip turn out so great! They should really stop tuning skis and working at ski shops and just become bad ass guides!! Because they know whats up!!

The spots they ride are really world class. From Togotee Pass, Boundurant, Rim spot, Ririe, Sublet Peak, and abroad. If you want more info and or weather conditions go to

This web site is the ultimate guide to what is what in the Jackson area!!

Thank you to Will, Wayne, Pascal, Chaz, and everyone else that come out and rode. Thank you for trying out the new 2010 Ozones too!

Special thanks to Wayne and Florence for letting us chill at your house and also trying to tow us up with the sled to Sublet Peak. Bummer on the breaking of the sled :( I guess that is why we kite! Less maintenance and no gas or oil, just the wind in our backs!! Thank you


Patrick Nedele