Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mexican Wrestler drops Windsurfing and Picks up KiteSurfing!

Maybe his old friends would make fun of him for flying a kite. And the new friends he is about to meet, might laugh at him for being on the wrong side of the FENCE for so long!!

Thank You Jennifer and Chris from Decosse Customs for the great idea! and the boards! They ride so niiiiccccceeeee!!

Also thank you TheRealBonetti for taking the shots!

Also thank you OZONE for building the C4!! WOW



Birthday downwinder

Wow I just had my 28th birth day! I never thought as a kid that I would even live to be 28. But I must say that it is just a Number!! I can't complain though. I woke up at 7AM and started my day.

As I got woken up by speeding and honking trucks full of Kiters that wanted to do a early morning down winder before work. I was barley awake and handing out kites out of Clark like it was candy or maybe more like explosives! "C4"!! Man does that make your day when the owner of AIR PADRE is waking you up to ride my kite. It felt good like I accomplished a feat or jumped over a barrel. I had good vibe when I started my day and my down winder!

The waves were moderate size but really fun. Only problem was the Red tide really sucked! I was coughing in the wave breaks. I also had to body drag back to my board a couple of times and had to drag through some of the brown mucky water that makes up the Red Tide. It makes your eyes water like mad and burn like really strong chlorine. The North wind brought us some colder air so I hope it kills off this nasty algae bloom!!!

Anyway coughing and burning eyes it was totally worth it! Thank you Isaiah Downing from for taking some sick shots of me for my birthday.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Light Wind Blues and Running SHOES

So for the last 5 days or so the wind has been really dismal. With living here for the last month in Padre I see kiters come and go. Some of the days are great and windy with alot of smiles. But lately we all are all a little grumpy!

With little to do when there is no wind. We all have been Jonesing for a good session. Some of us get exercise by riding our bikes. Some go out in the bay and paddle kayaks or even go out and SUP. But those of that are really needing a kite sess. We start to talk smack and challenge others to foot races! The bet was twenty bucks to race about half a mile. You should check out the video out that we made this morning!

You should go and check out This is Jon Bonetti's new blog that I helped him setup! So go to it and Follow his crazy Life!!


Patrick Nedele

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

SPI and 45 Knots

I have been riding in all conditions here in SPI. Everything from 6knot Zephyr and skim board seasons. To being over powered on the 9m Sport in the waves with 30-40 knot winds. As I sit here there is no wind! Not to bad for how much Kiting I have had in the last three weeks.

I have meet some of the craziest people for the last 3 weeks. So many people from Colorado that I have never met. People that I have taught how to kite over 5 years ago! Also folks from the Arctic, Yellow Knife Canada!!! Even dudes that were just passing trough to go work and kite in Panama and riding a motorcycle with all his kite gear tied to the back. What a adventure that would be on a motorcycle!!

Then there was the Third Ave crew, all down here in SPI for there annual kite gathering. A ton of people got to try out the new best light wind kite out there, THE ZEPHYR!! We had a great time drinking SKA Beer and talking shop too!! What a cool group of fellow kiters. With all of them ripping in there own style and everybody improving there groove.

I have been loving the new skim board from SPI kite. It is a Victoria 49". With the sickest Dakine deck pads on it. It is red, white and blue. Captain America Style!!

Well off to figure out the physics of how to self propel yourself with a Zephyr and Apparent wind!


Friday, November 6, 2009

Spring Break Capitol

After a long drive from Durango I stopped and visited a new kite shop in New Mexico. Stuart is a great guy that is changing his life style by starting a kite shop and teaching snow kiting to the masses of New Mexico!! Check him out at After a quick session of flying foils in Santa Fe with Stuart. I headed out on the journey down south to Corpus Christi.

I made it to Pro Kite Surf and hung out with one of my protege's, PJ Lewis!! He is working and teaching for Jeff Howard. check out They are selling some of the best boards on the planet!! Crazy Fly!! They also make some of the best repair jobs on the most damaged kites!!

Anyway after a some really powered sessions at Wild Cat park, I got to go kite skating at the best place I have ever kite skated before!! P.J. showed me this sick spot, near Wild Cat park. Were there is a long bike path/road that squares up to the wind perfectly!! You can ride a skate board for about 3 mi one way with out having to turn around!! Absolutely amazing!!! You just got to keep your trainer high to pass over the bushes but there is clean wind coming off the bay!! I think we skated for ever that night. I never got to experience such a nice Kite skate session!!

After spending time in C town I made it to the beach in Padre. Adult kite camp starts NOW!!! I am looking forward to seeing friends and meeting new ones here I can't wait tell everybody shows up to kite.

The pictures are all at night with a full moon. I was by myself and set up my tripod. A little drunk, I was going crazy running back and forth from the dunes to get the pictures but I think they turned out pretty cool!

Well Peace,


Monday, November 2, 2009

Going South stoping at SKA

So I am now traveling to one of the best places to kite, South Padre Island!! But before I get there I have to do a stop at Ska Brewing's new facility!! How cool is it being sponsored by a Brewery and stopping at the factory and getting 10 cases of beer just for stopping to say HI!! The Ska plant is also really cool to go tour. It is located in Durango, Colorado.

Thank You Matt from Ska. Much appreciated, from me and kiters alike. If you haven't tried the beer yet go out and find it!! The cost is a little steeper but it is worth it for the taste of good snow kiter beer!!!

When you see me in Padre ask me for a Ska Beer!! I will have plenty of Cold Beverages for the Kiter Folk!!!


Patrick Nedele