Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Light Wind Blues and Running SHOES

So for the last 5 days or so the wind has been really dismal. With living here for the last month in Padre I see kiters come and go. Some of the days are great and windy with alot of smiles. But lately we all are all a little grumpy!

With little to do when there is no wind. We all have been Jonesing for a good session. Some of us get exercise by riding our bikes. Some go out in the bay and paddle kayaks or even go out and SUP. But those of that are really needing a kite sess. We start to talk smack and challenge others to foot races! The bet was twenty bucks to race about half a mile. You should check out the video out that we made this morning!

You should go and check out TheRealBonetti.com. This is Jon Bonetti's new blog that I helped him setup! So go to it and Follow his crazy Life!!


Patrick Nedele


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