Wednesday, February 17, 2010

To all my Minnesota PEEPS!!

Whew, What a fun drive from Chicago. I rambled all the way to Superior, Michigan to the Wal-Mart, once again. I have to thank the Wally world for all there continued support of Georgie Fuso! And letting her sleep in Wallys parking lot with me safely cuddled inside!

I also have no Idea why people stare and Gawk at Georgie so much!! I think it is her fancy curves and bright lights!! I have seen so many people take pictures of her!!

Anyway I had a interesting morning with Georgie at the Superior Walmart!! I woke up and went to warm the engine up. With it being below zero that night, I was worried for Georgie's big 4 cyl. turbo diesel engine to start. My worries caught up with me. I jumped into the heart of Georgie Fuso and turned the key and she just coughed!

It turned out the 3 year old battery's just didn't like the -10 degree Fahrenheit weather! So I had a little adventure before I could go kite that morning. I instantly went into the Wallys and looked for the proper battery. They didn't have it and I was lucky to have a NAPA right next door. I love how things work out like that!! Oh and thank you Wally world for letting me borrow your shopping cart.

So after lightening the wallet $200 big ones! I replaced the two gigantic battery's and she started right up!! I am happy to give Georgie new juice and pep into her step!

All right, time to hit the road again!! Feeling better about new battery's I head further north to a spot the Lakawa riders choose, Wild Rice Lake. I meet up with Mike for a soul session on Saturdays light winds. He was flying his older 12m Manta 1 and I was on my older 15m Manta 2. And we compared both for the light wind performance. I think the 15 won! But then we pulled out the 12m Manta 3 and it kicked both the kites ass.

It generated more pull and moved faster than both the kites. With the 12 flying faster we could produce more apparent wind.

The next day we weren't expecting to much for wind either. But it all turned out to be a great day. With 8 inches of fresh snow! And wind blowing 10-15knots it turned out to be a great demo day!

I was so excited to have such a big following come out to Wild Rice Lake. Kiters showed up just because of the post's that were on LAKAWA's site! We had at one point 16 kiters out on the lake tearing it up! With all the new 2010 Ozones out.

My Minnesota Peeps had all smiles! Flying the C4's and the Zephyr, people all ready new that they want to sell there old kites and upgrade to the 2010's!!!! There were also a hand full of people that just loved the new feel of the New Manta 3's.

A bunch of the guys had older Frenzy's that had only a 1 pulley system. They got on the newer Frenzy's and Manta's. All the feed back came back as positive. Everybody agreed that the newer double pulley system was way better and also that the new top hat release is very innovated!

Well thank you all Minnesota peeps for coming out for the Ozone Demos. Also thank you so much Bryce for the hospitality at your house!! Help Bryce out get his own business off the ground. He makes these bad ass planks of lakes so check it out at:


Patrick Nedele

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Chicago LAND!

So after the great visit with Amer's family and great hospitality. I got a phone call from a girl that was doing a demo in Lake Wawasee, Indiana. After some conversation I found out that she is a International distributor for Ozone Kites! Amanda from LIKE TO KITE has traveled the world and has promoted the sport of Kiteboarding and also has been pushing the best brand out there! OZONE!!!

Amanda being so passionate about kiting she has been teaching Kiteboarding and snowkiting to the masses! Amanda also has been really progressive of getting new kiters into our wonderful sport of kiting. By promoting and doing demo days and organizing kite get togethers in the Chicago and Indiana area.

I was amazed at how connected she was with the community to get people out and flying kites! We did the first demo at Lake Wawassee. With not much snow on the lake, and a warm spell made the lake unsafe. So we went to a field and buggyed and kite skated for the folks.

After the weekend in Indiana we left and headed further west. Towards the WINDY CITY!! Chicago!! So we instantly jumped on the Chicago kite forum. Told everyone that we were out and about! The next day we had 8 different people come by and try to buggy and land board. We definitely hooked a couple of guys on buggy's. They said they wanted to buy one after kiting with a 10 Manta M3 and the buggy!!

I love the fact there isn't any snow on the ground but people still came out to support and check out the new kites!! I was impressed by the following and camaraderie from the Chicago kiters.

After our sessions we headed out every night for a tour of the city. What a beautiful city! I thought it would be more like New York! But it was way better! I loved all the architecture and how clean the city was! Also there was alot of fit and beautiful people around.

I guess the people of Chicago really like the outdoors. With bike paths everywhere and people still jogging and biking in the cold ass weather!!

I have never felt such a different cold! I was freezing and I grew up in the ICE BOX OF THE NATION Fraser, Colorado! I guess it is a really humid and damp cold. It is defiantly bone chilling! The windy city really put out this time!! I can't wait to roll through in the summer and kite on Lake Michigan right in the city!

Well until next time!


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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Yo Check us out on the web cam C4s looking good!!

Check out this sick web cam spot for Ririe, Idaho!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Check It out we are on the web Cam!!

Idaho Antelope Flats Going off!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Amer's Lake!!!

If anybodies is anybody that rides in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area has rode at Amer's and or you know Amer! Thank you for the support Amer. Thank you for inviting me to your backyard, Whitmore Lake. Also if you didn't know he makes a MEAN sandwich and has great frozen yogurt check him out at: Amer's Deli all over Mi.!!

Thank you for the hospitality and the food!!! Great kiting with you and the dentist Kirk you can also check out Kirks sweet photography site and also link to his real art, the fixing of teeth!!

While I am giving props thank you Redbelly for the support of OZONE in the Ann Arbor area!!!! Redbelly board shop.

We had a great session over the weekend demoing the exclusive and amazing C4! Also got to fly the new M3's with Amer and Kirk. The fella's were impressed of the improvements on the M3 also they loved the user friendliness of the C4. The revolution is coming!! Ozone will be knocking on your door!! Come fly some Safe Dynamite!!!!!

With the conditions that we had: ice and hard packed snow in areas. We still had a great time. Also gave a small in prompt to jumping lesson to Kirk! Good job on the jumps dude!! Lets practise them in deeper SNOW!!!! Maybe SkyLine?

Weather Forecasts, snow depth and Ice conditions

Well until next Time, Let the Winds Blow in Your Backs and Smooth Kiting!!!


Patrick Nedele

Thank You AIRPADRE!!!!

Thank You AIR PADRE KiteBoarding.

I have to really hand it to Jeff and the Crew for inviting me to such a good time. With epic wind, waves, and flat water!! The Air Padre crew knows what is going on!!! Teaching off of boats and with specialized HEad Zone Walky-talky helmets!! Also carrying almost all of the best quality Kite products!! Not only that you can always go into the shop, and have somebody to talk shop with!!! P.S. They like Beer!!

Check Em out:

Air Padre Kiteboarding

Thank You for Running this shot on your website TOOO!!!!!!!!!! And heres to the C4, BAM!!!

Also thank you KeyPhotography for taking pictures of me!!! Can't wait for IDAHO!!!

Patrick Nedele