Sunday, May 31, 2009

Made it to Chuck Town, SC

Wow we made it to Charleston, South Carolina. Kara and I are visiting Air Company and doing some Ozone demos for the weekend and through the begin of the week.

When coming down here we got to go across the bays on a ferry. It was great we got to sit and chill in the back of Clark, while everything was on autopilot. I wish I could cruise in auto pilot mode all the time. It was a little Eire being in the middle of the ocean in a R.V. that doesn't float. I would recommend it to anyone though. It was neat to see all the barrier islands, dolphins, and waving tourists cruising on other ferries.

After we got off of Hatteras sound we got to the mainland and started driving our land yacht further south. I don't think Clark has very good sea legs. He is much happier motoring on land! Maybe one day we will be able to trade in Clark for a actual yacht. Maybe we will call her Ellen.

As we are in chuck town we will post more pics this week, sorry i haven't posted anything lately.

Thank You to Adam and Elea for there great southern hospitality, and keeping us company on the beach even when there was no wind! Air Companys New store is Pretty sweeeet too!

patrick and kara
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Monday, May 25, 2009

Clark Resorected

Here are some shots of Clark getting fixed. I would like to thank The Waldows for letting me be in their shop to fix the rig. Thank you Nick and Caroline, Tom and Eileen, Tom Mason thanks for the sponsorship and help.Thank you Dad for the help with the fiberglass, and everybody else that helped me morally and physically. Thanks Patrick
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Sunday Success at Kitty Hawk


Success Sunday there was wind at Kitty Hawk Kites. Here are some testers checking out the new Instinct Sport. Great winds but the winds were still light! The new Light out performed everybody. The Edge also rocked it. The demo went well minus the small foot traffic because of the bad forecast for the Memorial day weekend. Ozone was totally stoked to be a part of the demo with Kitty Hawk. We had a great turnout and enjoyed meeting everybody from the school and locals to Kitty Hawk Kites.

We will blog You Later
Patrick and Kara
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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Weekend demo at Kitty Hawk Kites.
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Friday, May 22, 2009

Today was a bust, but fun.

Woke up to good hopes that the wind would blow. Looked promising but it never happened. It got worse through the day. By the end there wasn't even a breath of wind and the flags stood still.

So Kara and I did the rounds to the kite shops and then went into tourist mode. This morning we went on a bike ride. Then we figured we would go to see the Cape Hatteras Light house. It was really cool!

The house was moved a while back because the beach eroded away in front of it. The light house was still cool. Not only was it built stout but with class. It had granite steps, black and white Checker marble tile floors, pretty architecture out side, and it is still used today.

We learned alot about some of the history of the island and how many ship wrecks happened. We tryed to make it to the Atlantic ship wreck museum but it was closed by the time we got Clarks old bones down there. Maybe next time we will be able to go.

So far the trip out to OBX is sweet, we are just still waiting for wind.

Patrick and Kara

P.S. I also promised the Clark rebuild pictures they will be coming soon!!

Made it to the East Coast

Whew we made it without any hitches. Very pretty drive once we got out of Nebraska, it is amazing how green a lush everything is here on the east coast. I am so happy to be here. Beautiful weather the entire drive, except for the damn wind, head winds just suck in the camper. I still managed to get 11mpg, in my loaf of bread on wheels. Not very aero dynamic!

Kara and I Even got to stop at a National Monument in St Louis Missouri. I never knew that the St. Louis Arch is so big. Extremely beautiful and empowering architecture. The town looked really cool when we skated through. I wish we had more time to explore.

As we made it into North Carolina at night we stayed in this creepy closed down wally world (walmart). Thank goodness for Kara's Ninja skills I felt perfectly safe. Our stay at the walmart wasn't to bad, ended up showering and going to sleep to the Simpsons.

The next morning we mad it to the Outer Banks of Hatteras. We are so excited to go kite and all the wind we drove through ended up stopping and turning in to a breeze. Not to much wind forcasted for the weekend. Go figure, drive in mach 3 wind and get to the kite spot and no wind!

Thats Ok, we got to shoot the shit with the cool cats at Real Kiteboarding . I was impressed by there layout, and also impressed with the man in charge. A good friend that I met in the Cabarete, D.R. Trip Foreman hooked us up with beer and goods. Just chilling at the Real facility was cool.

Kitty Hawk also had some nice turf, but they are still in the construction process. Working on there condos and restaurant bar area. Also a bad ass place to go learn to kite and a good launch and pump up area with air compressors.

I hope all is well with our followers, let the wind be with you, because it is not here!!


Patrick and Kara

Monday, May 18, 2009

Blowin in the wind

As I type I am Laying in bed at the walmart parking lot in St Joseph, Mo. Have had a couple of interesting last days. Had a air shock go out on the rig in Rapid City, Sd. Got super lucky and found the air bag at a rv shop and found someone to install it on a Saturday afternoon.

Now that I got Kara with me in the rig as I picked her up in South Dakota to start our journey east. We had to stop at The Kite Ranch in Nebraska to visit our good Friends Bob and Billy Stalker. Though we had really light wind we got to fly the new 14 m Instinct Light, and I was extremely impressed when i went out and did some planing tacks in about 7-10mph on a surf board. Man i was planing and still had fun in the light wind, what a amazing kite it just floats with you in light wind with grunt and stability.

Oh i got a couple of pictures of Blake on his para motor at lake mcconaughy, I hope he will get back to us and we can post some pictures of our local lake. He took some amazing shots of the dam and coast line of the lake.

well I guess we are going to go sleep zzzz

peace patrick

Friday, May 8, 2009

Getting Closer to the tour

Man was this month a dash for cash. Me and Kara have been perparing for the road to come. The first tour stop will be at The Kite Ranch in Lake Mac in Nebraska. The first demo will feature all models and some other goodies! The new Instinct Light has been the biggest hit so far this year for surf and easy learning to advance kiting. Can't wait to get back on the water! Will be posting pictures soon of the reformation of Clark the R.V.!!! I wish I had time to fix the other side of it but maybe next year, at least he is sealed up and water tight all around.

peace patrick