Friday, January 29, 2010

Salt trucks and Vermont Pancake Syrup!

Nasty, nasty , nasty. I don't know why the east coaster use so much salt on the roads? Does sand just not do the trick? Or is it because the auto makers and the car washes have a in with the state to dirty up all the cars!! So they can make more money!!? Out of there syrupy slick roads!!

Ah any way, I am glad Killington Vermont is getting snow and also very thankful that we have such good shops representing OZONE! The folks at Base Camp OutFitters just know how to produce stoke for the sport of snow kiting. With there shop at the base of the Killington Ski Resort. Also teaching on a private pond in there back yard!! They wore out there last Projectcloud9 DVD.

If the wind doesn't blow?:( You can go cross country skiing or gravity riding at the Resort anyday! I also respect that they are FREE HEELERS! The ultimate back country tool. telemark skis with skins and claps able poles add a kite = The Ultimate Back Country SNOW KITER!!

Check Em out!!

Patrick Nedele

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

More Tugg Hill

So so much more came out of this event. I actually got on the Local news!!! Check it out here!!! On the links below. I also got interviewed by NPR (National Public radio!!!)

Thank You News Caster Lady for coming out!! Man was I nervous when I did the interview!!!!

Also Thank you so much for Bob Hecht for taking such good pictures of the interview and kiting!!

News in New York!!!! Good repersentation of our sport of Snow kiting

Here is another clip of news!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


WHew, I made it across this great country again!! From Portland to New York! Am I crazy maybe?, or maybe I just like driving!! Hard to do sometimes but totally worth the out come!!

I get to go kite and meet the best people that are involved in the sport of SnowKiting!! Also go to the most premier spots that the sport has to Offer!!

Which brings me to Tugg Hill! I would call this the Skyline of the East. With tons of terrain and tons of snow. With huge hills to climb, wind drifts to slash, roads and fences to jump! And all under permission of all the local land owners!! People have thankfully enough put forward the effort and made all of this to happen!

Thank you Jan for the orginized Choas!!! If you want to go kite in the area he is the man to contact at : T.I. Adventures !!! He also teaches snowkiting!!!

Jan also thankyou for taking such nice shots!!! Most of the shots below come from

Also thanks to the crew for rallying there troops and coming out. Once again had a good time kiting and parting with you guys, thanks for the support!!!!


Patrick Nedele

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mad Max "Georgie Fuso"

So after the whole swap shop, from selling "Clark" to buying the new " Georgie Fuso!!" I had a great holidays with the family. Not with out any stress though! I needed to figure out, what turtle shell I was going to live in!

Also "How do I mount my turtle shell to my crazy new truck?". After figuring out what camper I was going to buy on I went to Heber, Utah to pick up the camper and build my Mad Max Machine!!

It took a little ingenuity. But after a lot of measuring and drawing. I came up with a plan and successfully mounted the camper on the back of my, pick me up truck!

I did good I think?! The cab still folds over to access the engine and it also clears the head ache rack. How about the height? Little Georgie sits at a exactly 12'. A whole 1.5 feet shorter than regular semis (13' 6"). I did good I think?!

All of this metamorphoses happened in less than 2 weeks. Wow! Camper on the truck Sunday and Monday I left for Up state New York for the Tugg Hill Kite Event!

Three days of straight driving 50- 60mph. And about 12-14 hrs each day! I made it on time!! By that Friday I was Kiting on farm fields near Lowville, New York!! Only thing that sucks is that I didn't get to kite on the way there! Almost every rest stop from Utah to New York was Snow Kiteable!

More shots to come!

Patrick Nedele

Friday, January 15, 2010

Swap Shop 2010!

WOW Last month has been crazy! I don't know if you have heard of Swap Shop, but that is what life has been like.

Happy New Year!! and Happy New YOU!!!

A little of what went on in Pictures!!

And Thank You very much "Speed" Carter check him out at: He makes some really mean Furniture Too!