Monday, June 14, 2010

Utah lake Demos

It was great to show up in Utah again and stop off at Ozone Head Quarters!! I love to come back and see that my job has been working! When people want kites, we try to give em what they want!!

I get the easy job of giving them a drug like the Zephyr!! Then I hook em on something they want! What an addiction, who would have thought people get so hooked on kiting! I know that I have a problem, I am an addict. I don't know what I would do if I didn't kite. Or have good kites to fly! My addiction has brought me across the country now a couple of times and all I want is more, more, more!

I hope my addiction has rubbed off! I know it has in Utah. With there being just two different riders, an Ozone rider or just the other guy! Do you want to be just the other guy? Your still cool other guy but you would be way happier on my drug! OZONE!! I accept all kiter friends but I guarantee you will have a bigger smile with me! Try it you might like it, Catalyst, C4, Edge, Zephyr's......

A kite for every rider. If you are just starting or are a surfer the Catalyst is your ticket. If you're a ripper or just a fun rider C4 might float your boat! If you're fast and furious, you might want the fast moving high jumping feel of the Edge. Or If you need a kite for the light wind to the heavy you better get the Zephyr, my one-kite quiver!!

I love them all. Just depends on how you want your ride to feel or how you want to feel your ride! Remember no lame ass PULLEYS! Direct to kite feel and just smiles after that!

I know my cronies in Utah love em! They just need to sell last years 09's to buy this years 2010 now!!

If you an't got no money save it for the one kite that matters, the ZEPHYR. I pinched all my pennies to get one you should too!

Patrick Nedele

Friday, June 11, 2010

Colorado For a Minute then jump to Utah.

Driving out of Texas was long but beautiful. With the land scape ever changing. Some sections of the drive being extremely boring, especial without a stereo! To amazing sites of Wind energy mills being erected to the Czech stop that sold Czech breads and sausages! I also drove by the town of Zephyr!! And the world Famous Zephyr store!!

Thanks for friends in Lubbock, Tx It was a good stop off point for a shower and conversations. After sitting in front of Georgie for so long you need a break. Even though the view is amazing, from Georgie's viewing platform. You sometimes just need to stop and smell the flowers!

We drove through New Mexico quick then home for a minute, Colorado! To have Mom's home cooked meal. Do some laundry, wash the truck, and figure some other things out. I wish I could stay longer but sometimes the job just keeps me rolling!

Next stop Utah lake for some demos for the Utahin's


Patrick Nedele

A little Slide show of the TRAVEL's

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Willies Place!!

After amazing couple days at Lake Ray Hubbard I got to drive back to Utah. But on the way I got to stop at WILLIES Place!! This truck stop is bad ass. I guess Willie Nelson the country star owns the joint. Willie won the truck stop in a card game from Carl Corneillus who made his own town and built a truck stop named Carl's Corner.

He prides the trucks stop with his Willie Bio Diesel! I had to put some Willie diesel in the the truck! Why not right! The bio smelled good coming out of the exhaust! A little like French Fries!! The truck got something like 16mpg that tank!

Maybe we should all run on Bio Fuels. Willie might be catching on to something here. I heard he travels with his huge tour bus to his concerts and in tow Willie pulls a gigantic fuel trailer with his Bio!! That a way Willie run something that is good for the environment and the engine!

Georgie thanks you Willie!!



Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lake Ray Hubbard - Dallas, Texas

Once again the drive was just amazing to see. Dallas is a huge city! I was worried on where I was going? I would have never imagined that there was such a massive kite community just out side of Dallas!

With tons of lakes in the local area. Most of the wind riders go to Lake Ray Hubbard. Which I guess for the area this lake gets the cleanest fetch and strongest winds. Not only that there is a great launch area. With nice grass to pump up on, great big shade trees to relax under. And a close parking lot to bring your gear to the launch area.

The water was nice and refreshing, a little different for being in fresh water again. With no burn in the eyes and nose from the salt water. It was nice, but did it clog my nose and ears from all the city run off into the lake. The water looks clean but I guess the guys say there is some pollution in the lake. But what city lake doesn't have pollution!! Who cares just as long as we get to slide on the water and get cool!!

I really like visiting old friends Fillipe and my Photo buddy Gustav! I also met alot of new friends during my visit. With everybody loving the Zephyr and some riders rocking the C4's. The Zephyr was the right kite for the inland lake. With winds that blow light and some gust's that can be handled with the Zephyr. Valli and Migiel said they would be trading in there 17m Contra's and 17m Waroo's They were amazed with the depower and looping ability's of the Ozone Zephyr!!

Thank you Fillipe for the great BBQ dinners and letting me park Georgie at the top of that steep driveway of yours! Also thank you Marie fro taking those great Pictures.


Patrick Nedele

Monday, June 7, 2010

Wild Cat you got to Love it!

I love this spot in Corpus Christi. What a nice grassy field to rig and launch from! The water is shallow, warm, nice and sandy. I just love the crowd and the peanut gallery that is always chilling under the palapas in the shade. P.J. being the master instructor is present almost daily to teach for Pro kite surf.

From teaching most of the cronies that hang out at the park, P.J. has built a really good following to hang out with and kite with at Wild Cat Park in Portland, TX. I was amazed at the skill most of the riders had! Also amazed at the commitment that all the riders have! From some kiters being oil riggers or crop dusters they showed up everyday they can! Everyday that the wind blows!

Thank you all for the hospitality and beers!! It was great to kite with you guys and chilling with you everybody talking shop! All I can say is stop and chill at Wild Cat

Patrick Nedele