Monday, June 7, 2010

Wild Cat you got to Love it!

I love this spot in Corpus Christi. What a nice grassy field to rig and launch from! The water is shallow, warm, nice and sandy. I just love the crowd and the peanut gallery that is always chilling under the palapas in the shade. P.J. being the master instructor is present almost daily to teach for Pro kite surf.

From teaching most of the cronies that hang out at the park, P.J. has built a really good following to hang out with and kite with at Wild Cat Park in Portland, TX. I was amazed at the skill most of the riders had! Also amazed at the commitment that all the riders have! From some kiters being oil riggers or crop dusters they showed up everyday they can! Everyday that the wind blows!

Thank you all for the hospitality and beers!! It was great to kite with you guys and chilling with you everybody talking shop! All I can say is stop and chill at Wild Cat

Patrick Nedele

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