Monday, June 14, 2010

Utah lake Demos

It was great to show up in Utah again and stop off at Ozone Head Quarters!! I love to come back and see that my job has been working! When people want kites, we try to give em what they want!!

I get the easy job of giving them a drug like the Zephyr!! Then I hook em on something they want! What an addiction, who would have thought people get so hooked on kiting! I know that I have a problem, I am an addict. I don't know what I would do if I didn't kite. Or have good kites to fly! My addiction has brought me across the country now a couple of times and all I want is more, more, more!

I hope my addiction has rubbed off! I know it has in Utah. With there being just two different riders, an Ozone rider or just the other guy! Do you want to be just the other guy? Your still cool other guy but you would be way happier on my drug! OZONE!! I accept all kiter friends but I guarantee you will have a bigger smile with me! Try it you might like it, Catalyst, C4, Edge, Zephyr's......

A kite for every rider. If you are just starting or are a surfer the Catalyst is your ticket. If you're a ripper or just a fun rider C4 might float your boat! If you're fast and furious, you might want the fast moving high jumping feel of the Edge. Or If you need a kite for the light wind to the heavy you better get the Zephyr, my one-kite quiver!!

I love them all. Just depends on how you want your ride to feel or how you want to feel your ride! Remember no lame ass PULLEYS! Direct to kite feel and just smiles after that!

I know my cronies in Utah love em! They just need to sell last years 09's to buy this years 2010 now!!

If you an't got no money save it for the one kite that matters, the ZEPHYR. I pinched all my pennies to get one you should too!

Patrick Nedele

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