Thursday, June 10, 2010

Willies Place!!

After amazing couple days at Lake Ray Hubbard I got to drive back to Utah. But on the way I got to stop at WILLIES Place!! This truck stop is bad ass. I guess Willie Nelson the country star owns the joint. Willie won the truck stop in a card game from Carl Corneillus who made his own town and built a truck stop named Carl's Corner.

He prides the trucks stop with his Willie Bio Diesel! I had to put some Willie diesel in the the truck! Why not right! The bio smelled good coming out of the exhaust! A little like French Fries!! The truck got something like 16mpg that tank!

Maybe we should all run on Bio Fuels. Willie might be catching on to something here. I heard he travels with his huge tour bus to his concerts and in tow Willie pulls a gigantic fuel trailer with his Bio!! That a way Willie run something that is good for the environment and the engine!

Georgie thanks you Willie!!