Friday, June 11, 2010

Colorado For a Minute then jump to Utah.

Driving out of Texas was long but beautiful. With the land scape ever changing. Some sections of the drive being extremely boring, especial without a stereo! To amazing sites of Wind energy mills being erected to the Czech stop that sold Czech breads and sausages! I also drove by the town of Zephyr!! And the world Famous Zephyr store!!

Thanks for friends in Lubbock, Tx It was a good stop off point for a shower and conversations. After sitting in front of Georgie for so long you need a break. Even though the view is amazing, from Georgie's viewing platform. You sometimes just need to stop and smell the flowers!

We drove through New Mexico quick then home for a minute, Colorado! To have Mom's home cooked meal. Do some laundry, wash the truck, and figure some other things out. I wish I could stay longer but sometimes the job just keeps me rolling!

Next stop Utah lake for some demos for the Utahin's


Patrick Nedele

A little Slide show of the TRAVEL's

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  1. You leaving that Shit hole yet...? meet up with us @Sherman Island, Headed there after the Pismo event. Roll out!!!! Warm Windy and best of all FREE!!!!