Monday, May 31, 2010

SPI and the South Padre Island Kiter Round UP

After the Worlds, Georgie packed up and headed to South Padre Island for the, Air Padre Round UP! With about 15 company's being represented and anyone that came and signed up could go and demo any kite!

What a deal you sign up and you could travel down the line and test and demo the best brands in the industry! Who wouldn't want to fly every type of kite brand and model!!??

Not only that the Round Up had some great events like a rail jam, big air contest, max spin, max speed, all for the average joe amature rider! Even though there were pros at the contest they still supported the dude kiter!! Making all the people that participated in the event to be included!

With some days not having any wind, the Round up was set up with a Grinch winch for wake boarding and also stand up paddle boards. Light wind activities also inlcuded alot of buggying on the flats and beer drinking!!

During the event select people did clinics for kiting. For example I did a Skim boarding clinic, and a buggy clinic. I really like to see people get into different dynamics of the sport. Not just water based kiting but also land and learning to slide on different boards!

Ozone and me had a great time at the Round Up with strong winds and great people! I got to meet a bunch of new folks and hook up with the old friends. With great kiting and parties with crazy fire dancers. Meeting and networking with the industry is what it is all about! Also getting new people in the sport so that we get the next generation's into our wonderful sport of Kiteboarding!

Well Tell next time...


Patrick Nedele


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