Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ozone World Championships Course Racing, Corpus

I don't get it? I drive this crazy truck around and everybody just stares!! I think it looks normal to me now..? But before, it did look a little strange and tall! I have yet to find a person say that is the dumbest idea. But I have caught so many people circling and taking pictures of Georgie Fuso. She seams to be a eye catcher and I think it is the paint job!

After having such a crazy long winter, which is still kicking it apparently! I drove Georgie down south to support the Ozone team in the World Championships! WOW. I was impressed to see so many competitors from the entire world! With a few of them not showing up because of the Iceland Volcanoes, erupting and messing up the air plane traffic because of all the ash!!

But those of the athletes that did make it. They put on a great show for the Corpus Christie locals! With the race course set right out front of the beach. It was sweet to see some of the action!! With the venue right up front with at least one of the jibing buoys there, a huge up wind tack and also the start and finish! You couldn't really tell what was going on when the racers where doing there upwind tacks. The Racers were just motoring so fast and far up wind!! that if you didn't have bionic eyes you didn't see anything!!

It was still amazing to see. I really enjoyed stepping back and being a spectator for once. Seeing the race starts is inspiring, I know for a fact that being in the race start is INTENSE!! A little different than snow but the same concept of jocking, watching and listening to the horns and flags. Being able to see it was great! The starts are like a flock of seagulls all following each other with rhythm and rhyme!

The water racing is way more competitive I feel than the snow. Every body on water has crazy gear and race boards, and I guess fins have everything to do with FAST! Also kites apparently!! With the Ozone Edges coming out on top and dominating the event!!

I have to also congratulate all the Ozone athletes that came and competed! With Chip Wasson coming in top 10 and Adam Koch coming in numero UNO #1!!!!! Also on the ladies side Kari Schibevaag from Norway just killed the entire woman's fleet!! Good Job!!

For more info and results check out the KiteBoarder Magazine!

well tell next time


Patrick Nedele

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