Friday, May 22, 2009

Today was a bust, but fun.

Woke up to good hopes that the wind would blow. Looked promising but it never happened. It got worse through the day. By the end there wasn't even a breath of wind and the flags stood still.

So Kara and I did the rounds to the kite shops and then went into tourist mode. This morning we went on a bike ride. Then we figured we would go to see the Cape Hatteras Light house. It was really cool!

The house was moved a while back because the beach eroded away in front of it. The light house was still cool. Not only was it built stout but with class. It had granite steps, black and white Checker marble tile floors, pretty architecture out side, and it is still used today.

We learned alot about some of the history of the island and how many ship wrecks happened. We tryed to make it to the Atlantic ship wreck museum but it was closed by the time we got Clarks old bones down there. Maybe next time we will be able to go.

So far the trip out to OBX is sweet, we are just still waiting for wind.

Patrick and Kara

P.S. I also promised the Clark rebuild pictures they will be coming soon!!


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