Saturday, November 28, 2009

Birthday downwinder

Wow I just had my 28th birth day! I never thought as a kid that I would even live to be 28. But I must say that it is just a Number!! I can't complain though. I woke up at 7AM and started my day.

As I got woken up by speeding and honking trucks full of Kiters that wanted to do a early morning down winder before work. I was barley awake and handing out kites out of Clark like it was candy or maybe more like explosives! "C4"!! Man does that make your day when the owner of AIR PADRE is waking you up to ride my kite. It felt good like I accomplished a feat or jumped over a barrel. I had good vibe when I started my day and my down winder!

The waves were moderate size but really fun. Only problem was the Red tide really sucked! I was coughing in the wave breaks. I also had to body drag back to my board a couple of times and had to drag through some of the brown mucky water that makes up the Red Tide. It makes your eyes water like mad and burn like really strong chlorine. The North wind brought us some colder air so I hope it kills off this nasty algae bloom!!!

Anyway coughing and burning eyes it was totally worth it! Thank you Isaiah Downing from for taking some sick shots of me for my birthday.



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