Monday, October 12, 2009

Kite Skate Sess.

So I read on kite forum earlier this week if kiteboarding will be as popular as skateboarding. Or if kiteboarding would be as cool as skateboarding one day!

I say, "Hell yeah, kiteboarding one day will be Too legit to quit!" If the sport of skateboarding took as long as it did to become main stream. I think kiting has all ready become a legit sport and also gone more mainstream in a shorter time span.

All I really want to see is everybody that has a skate board to try Kite skating. Or even snow kiting. Maybe a little lame for most. But I seem to have a lot of fun doing it. I don't know if it is the constant pull of a kite. Or just that I can cruise a parking lot doing turns, jumping curbs, and grinding parking blocks with out having to kick as much.

But that is the benefit of snow kiting too. I don't have to hike to do my turns! Or get pulled by a snowmobile to have fun. I use my kite to pull into quarter pipes, half pipes, and fly off hills.

All I am trying to get at is, if you have a trainer kite. Pull it out and try to skate with it. It is more fun than you think. Not only that it helps your strapless riding too. It also trains you to use your kite in moving it more and generating more power with speed in the kite. I have found that people go out on the water and don't work there kites as much. They have gotten into a rut of just park and ride kiting. Then everyone says it isn't windy enough to ride!

Well I guess these are just thoughts, go out and try it for yourself!!


Patrick Nedele


  1. I am going RIGHT NOW! Taking my longboard

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