Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Zephyr Gets LOST

After some amazing reaches in really light wind. I was so amped for someone else to try the light wind abilities of the new Zephyr. So our good friend Eli had to try to show me up. Even thought he weighs about 80 pounds more he still had to go out and give a go at the light wind.

Even with as light as the wind was, a guy that weighs 240 pounds and riding a 132cm long and kind of a wide board. Eli managed to get up and plane across the little bay we were in. With the winds being as light as they were. As Eli sailed to the other side. The wind luffed and Eli dropped the kite! Oh Eli! So he decided to try to walk up wind in the shallow water, even though the water was about chest deep! Up wind of him was a nice little island to regroup and relaunch the kite in the none existing wind.

As Eli was half swimming and half walking in the deep water. He was wearing a new Mystic harness that he got at the AWSI. What is the most important thing that hangs from your harness? A LEASH!!! So since Eli got a new harness he didn't have a leash. As he strolled and swam in the water he took the leash attachment point and larks headed it around his spreader bar. Well all is good until the leash line slips off the bar and the only Zephyr in the US, floats away into the Delta of the Colombia River. BALLS!!

As we stood on the beach we watch the only kite, we all want to ride in the light wind float away slowly. Mean time Eli is swimming like a Olympic swimmer to get back to shore. He yells at us, "Go get a boat," to get the kite. So we start scrambling to find a fisherman to bring us out to the kite.

In the mean time the beach goers were worried that Eli is drowning and they call 911. Poor Eli, loses a kite, has to swim back to shore, and the cops get called. Everybody shows up to the beach to meet and greet Eli. Ambulance, cops, fire trucks everyone waiting for a disaster. When they got there the personal was bummed to see that there victim was a walking, talking and not drowning!! So Eli managed to sort out the confusion. Sign some papers and got them to leave.

We managed to flag down a boat, that went to go check out the kite. The Zephyr managed to float down wind into the delta of the Colombia. But luckily the lines got wrapped around a lobster buoy and the kite didn't go as far as we would have imagined. The nice people from Washington on vacation with there boat came to our rescue to help us save the Zephyr. Amazingly absolutely nothing happened to the kite and the folks were just glad to help.

So what is the lesson learned from the story?

Always wear a leash! Even if you get a new harness because you are a bad ass rider!


Patrick Nedele


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