Sunday, July 12, 2009

Eh Canada Thank you

After having a good time with Air Sport Shop we headed for the falls. The Great Niagara Falls. There was so much anticipation going there. We followed the Niagara River from Lake Ontario up to the Falls. Behind every twist and bend in the road there was a place to stop and check out the river. With cute little river towns thriving on summer tourists.

We stopped at some of the boat launches and checked out the wildly fast jet boats that run on the river. There are points on the river that are white water and super dangerous. But these huge boats hold about 20-30 people and power around the white water with a strong Cummins Jet Boat Engine. Looked like fun! When we were watching there was a big Asian tour group going out with full rain gear just so they don't get soaked! Funny, the tour guide opted out.

Kara and I then went further and visited the many parks on the side of the route. We went for a short hour long hike down to the whirl pool. The water is really clean and a pretty blue. The entire time we are looking across the river and seeing Real Canadians in there natural habitat! I never would have thought i would see a Canadian before.

I must say the Canadians put on a good show. When we finally got to the falls. Kara and I caught wind of someone saying that, "The Canadian side lights up the falls." And also they are having a fire work show for July 1st. I guess the 1st is Canada Day. Our neighbors up north are defiantly not in a recession. They shine a rainbow of lights across the river from there side and illuminate the falls for a great show. If the lights weren't enough the fire work show was awesome. It was super long and very enjoyable. So many colors it was almost an overload, check for yourself!

Peace Patrick and Kara

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  1. Oh My! These pictures turned out BEAUTIFUL ! I had so much fun with you at Niagara - lets hurry up and go again!