Sunday, July 5, 2009

Up State

After our adventure on Long Island, New York. We went back through the gauntlet of New York City. Maybe we should have shelled out the dough and paid the toll highway. I am not paying in to the bad roads that are killing Clark!! Yorkeans need to say no! and stop paying the tolls! But I don't know maybe there is just to much traffic and people in the way. So the road construction workers just fill the holes with chewing gum and run out of the way before they get run over by someone!

This time we drove through the city and almost saw a little kid get run over because people hate driving behind Clark. Poor kid was just crossing the street on his bike and two asses wanted to pass me at the stop light so one pulled up on my left side in the crosswalk and the other drove through the parking lane on my right side. When the light changed I just let the looneys go. They decided to race each other to get ahead first, which was a bad idea because it was dark and there was a kid in the road!! So one guy almost took the kid out and just layed into his horn, wow. He didn't even get out to see if this 8 year old kid was all right. "I guess you should move to New York when your soft and move away when it makes you HARD!" Some people just need to step back and take a deep breath with a moment to think.

So Up state New York is sweet! Super rural and mellow. Lots of pretty houses and farms. No traffic and fairly descent pavement. But wow when we pulled up on to Lake Ontario it was amazing. To see the size and massiveness of the lake was cool. It was like being on the ocean. You can't see the other side of the lake and just a big flat plane of water, wow. A little weird to get in the water and expect salt water and get the sweet taste of fresh water in your face with no sharks to eat you or fish to sting you, nice. Just like kiting in the ocean when the wind conditions are flowing the right direction.

We stopped by and visited a cool shop called Air Sports Shop. Stuart and his son came and joined us on a soccer field and we got to fly alot of foils. It was a good time, with the sun gleaming and the wind flowing we all really got pulled through the paces. Flying everything from Imps Little Devils, to Flows, and Frenzys. I wished we had a buggy or land board to rip around on. Oh well we cant fit all the toys in to Clark.

Off to Niagara Falls...


Patrick and Kara


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