Thursday, July 23, 2009


Next we went North to Tawas Point on Lake Huron. It had a amazing campground filled with big green trees, family's that road there bikes everywhere, and sweet Fire rings. It also had clean facilities and soothing showers that are just a walk from the beach.

The riding spot is cool it takes all wind directions pretty well as it is a point. I got to ride on the inside of the bay where the water was warm. We launch right by the Lights house and walk down to the beach. A little sketchy because of trees make a wind shadow but once the kite is in the air no problem. You can also go down and launch on the beach on drift launch. Not as nice as the grass!

Had a instructor for Great Lakes Kiteboarding, try a 11m Sport. He loved the boost and glide of the kite also the direct kite to bar feel.

I had a great time on a strapless board. Trying to do upwind tacks. Can't figure out the weird under the bar and lines limbo.

Trying new things, keeps live interesting.


Patrick and Kara


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