Saturday, July 4, 2009

Ooo La La the Hamptons

Boy oh boy. Driving to the Hamptons was definitely a challenge. If you don't have the change to go on a ferry across to Long Island from Connecticut. Then you have to drive around through New York! Which is CRAZY! We had to go through some tight streets, avoiding taxis, pedestrians, bikes, everything. Why does New York City hate Clark? Maybe because we are to cheap to pay the outrageous toll fees! For a regular car the toll is any were between 75 cent to a $1.50, but for Clark (The R.V.)the fee is $10 to $20 dollars and some times $38.50. WOW. I don't know why people pay the toll roads, when the roads all suck! Pot holes every where, with huge speed bump cracks. I think there is a conspiracy there!

Any way, driving in New York is a little stressful. People are in a hurry to go where?
It was nice of New Yorkers to give us a lot of honks and waving #1's because we are so cool!!

After the maze of traffic we made it to South Hamptons. When we got there we kept asking ourselves what is all the fuss. Why is the hamptons so nice? But after spending some time there, you realize that there is a lot of loaded folks around there. Beautiful homes that where hidden behind 100 year old hedges, with Mercedes and Maserati's ever where. Okay, now I know why it is so fancy!

There beaches were even nicer, great kite spots all along Long Island. But some of the best were in South Hamptons. We really had fun with Kite Surfing Hamptons. Thanks to John Ford. We had a good light wind demo with the Instinct Light kicking butt. We got to ride in Napeague Bay which is an awesome flat water spot that is nice and shallow in a secluded bay that doesn't allow boat traffic. It looks like a great place to ride. Unfortunately it was too light to go and explore. Big thanks to Justin and Julian for getting the grench winch wake boarding pull thing. Also making the demo better where the dedicated loyal Ozone riders bringing in the stoke!! Also thanks Real for bringing a crowd down for there Alumni event. Two great days of producing stoke for Ozone and Kitesurfing.

The next day we went stand up paddle boarding with John and had a great time. Kara had a hard time at first trying to turn but then got the concept right away and was muscling in the wind. Man is stand up paddle hard in the choppy surf. It is definitely a flat water thing or you have to be just good at it because i was falling all over!

After the weekend we started to start to cruise back west. But not after a great session on Dune Road. Really good shore break and fun in the Atlantic ocean. We then drove to Gilgo Beach and chatted with some kiters there and got to see some sick graphity murals in the pedestrian tunnel under the highway. It was sponsored by the Surf Rider Foundation.

We'll blog later


Patrick and Kara


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